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Dinner Menu

Sake Bar
One skewer per order
Negima Chicken and Green Onions 4.00
Tsukune Chicken meatballs 3.15
Kashiwa Tender breast 2.75
Sunagimo Gizzard (Two skewers) 3.50
Teba Wings 3.50
Wasabi-Chicken Basted with Japanese horseradish3.15
Ume-Chicken Basted with pickled Plum paste3.15
Shiso-Chicken Ground chicken wrapped in shiso leaves 4.95
Kamo Duck 4.95
Uzura Quail 6.95
Stuffed Bell Pepper Ground chicken stuffed in bell pepper 4.95
Stuffed Mushroom Ground chicken stuffed in mushroom 4.95

Asparagus-Beef Aspargus wrapped in sliced beef 4.95
Asparagus-Bacon Asparagus wrapped in sliced bacon 4.75
Baby Back Ribs 8.95
Lamb Chops 8.50

Ika-Sugata Whole squid 11.25
Scallop 6.25
Topped with vreamy sauce and tobiko
Squid Calamari topped with vreamy sauce and tobiko 3.95
Shishamo Japanese smelt 5.00
Baby Lobster Tail Market Price
Topped with creamy sauce and tobiko
Spicy Sardine 6.25
Marinated with spicy cod roe
Saba Mackerel 5.95
Sanma Needle fish 5.95
Sea Bass Flavored with rosemary, thyme, and olive oil 12.25
Hamachi-Kama Yellow tail collar Ask for the price

House Miso Marinated Fish

Gindara Black Cod 10.25
Hamachi Yellowtail 9.95
Salmon 8.25

Corn 2.75
Potato 2.50
Yaki Nasu4.50
Japanese Eggplant topped with shredded dried bonito
Onion 2.15
Shiitake Mushrooms 4.95
Mushroom 2.15
Atsu Age Fried Tofu 3.75
Shishito Japanese Bell Pepper topped with shredded dried bonito 2.75