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Dinner Menu

Sake Bar
Dinner served with soup, salad & rice

Tempura Dinner 17.25
Three batter fried shrimp and vegetables
Vegetable Tempura 12.75
Batter fried mixed vegetables
Tonkatsu Dinner 16.25
Deep fried tenderloin pork with bread crumbs
Unagi Tenju 16.75
Eel & Vegetables deep fried in light tempura batter over rice

Yosenabe Dinner 16.50
Assorted seafood & vegetables cooked in fish broth
Sukiyaki Dinner 16.25
Sliced beef & vegetable cooked in special sauce
Nabeyaki Udon 10.25
Hot noodle in soup, topped with poached egg, shrimp tempura & vegetables

Ginger Beef 16.95
Sliced beef cooked with special ginger sauce
Seafood Yakiudon 13.75
Sauteed seafood & vegetables over stir fried noodles

Beef Teriyaki 19.95
Grilled rib eye steak with Kirala's teriyaki & ponzu sauce
Chicken Teriyaki 15.95
Grilled boneless chicken with Kirala's teriyaki sauce
Salmon Teriyaki 17.25
Grilled fresh salmon with Kirala's special sauce
Hamachi Teriyaki 17.95
Grilled yellow tail fillet with Kirala's special sauce
Saba Shioyaki 15.25
Grilled home marinated mackerel with grated radish
Unajyu 15.95
Cooked fresh water eel over rice with special sauce.

Sashimi 19.25
Fresh sliced red tuna and albacore tuna (10Pcs)
Deluxe Sashimi 25.50
Five kinds of fresh sliced raw fish (15pcs)
Tuna, Bonito, Salmon, Albacore, and Yellow Tail

Sushi Dinner 17.25
Seven assorted nigiri sushi and spicy tuna roll
Deluxe Sushi Dinner 23.25
Nine assorted nigiri sushi and tekka roll
Chirashi Sushi Dinner 19.95
Assorted raw, cooked seafoods & vegetables over rice
Tekka Don Dinner 19.95
Sliced raw tuna & vegetables over sushi rice
Hosomaki Dinner 13.00
Three kinds of roll sushi (Tekka, Kappa, and Oshinko)
Futomaki Dinner 13.00
Egg, mushroom, spinach, pickled radish, kanpyo, denbu (mashed & seasoned fish), and eel in a big roll
Inari Dinner (6Pcs) 9.25
Sushi rice stuffed in sweet fired bean curd